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MRV enjoys its legacy of 30 years. The visionary founder couple of the MRV group of schools Mr. O.P Babbar and Mrs. Janak Babbar had a dream of providing quality education comprising knowledge and values to the people. We open first MRV school in 1972 with the humble start of 5 children and 0ne classroom. Their daughter Dr. Pranavi Luthra & her husband joined them in late 90’s and took their dream forward to the extent that today MRV is a benchmark for quality education. The inception of MRV international is based on the extensive reading & researches done by Dr. Pranavi Luthra and her team of educational resource and research center on the psychological & philosophical essentialities of the children of 2 + & 3+ age and the trust which people have entrusted in MRV. MRV International is an ISO 9001-2008 certified brand accepts none less than the excellence. Accordingly it has designed its quality policy and quality objectives.

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Getting kids to get their rooms clean

Getting your kids to clean their room is no easy deal. Few kids like to keep their rooms neat and clean whereas a majority of children just don’t care about cleanliness factor. Well, reasons could be genetic or learned behavior. Parents often choose between two options of cleaning the room themselves or try to be patient while instructing kids about how to keep their room clean. Parents actually need to develop patience while training kids about how exactly they should keep their rooms tidy and neat. Cleanliness does not mean stuffing toys under the bed or simply forcing things into closets. That’s far from organizing things.

Keeping room neat and clean is a habit that must be imbibed by the kids from an early age. It is also a good learning experience for the child. Tell him in an effective way how keeping his room tidy and neat will help him in finding his stuff more easily. It will help him in finding his books, toys and clothes more readily. Parents also need to lead by example by keeping things tidy all over the house in a consistent fashion.

Indicate your child that keeping his room neat is sign of his maturity. If he does it well, he will show signs of increasing levels of responsibility. Don’t forget to compliment him for this habit. Keep rewarding him with small gestures like a small pat, hug or peck if he manages to keep thing clean in his room.

The process must begin with demonstration. Show child the way about how to go for cleanliness. Things like opening window shades, putting away toys, making the bed etc should be taught first. Slowly, you can add other tasks like cleaning bathroom or mopping floor etc. Parents should remember this is a skill that must be imparted to kid at an early age and in the best possible fashion.

Preventing Children's temper tantrums

Does your kid throw tantrums on a regular basis? Well, you are not the only parents to suffer from this problem. Parents all across the globe go through child tantrum issue. The main reason behind this occurrence is new found autonomy by the children. Children start doing things on their own, they decide about their clothes, making new friends and a hint of independent streak starts emerging. But the high of this independence factor is quite restricted by parental control. When children don’t find things going their way, they start feeling frustrated and as a result of that venting their ire through tantrums seem to be only logical way out.

Some of the basic reasons behind temper and tantrums shown by kids are boredom, frustration, hunger and exhaustion. A toddler can easily get frustrated for N number of things. It could be as simple as not being able to switch on the light or television. Boredom is again natural to kids as they can’t sit still in one position. They need to keep moving and if their movement is restricted they start feeling bored and irritated.

Toddlers need to eat more frequently than an adult and that explains why hunger is most often the prime reason behind child’s tantrums. Parents must keep in mind when was the last time the child had snacks. So before your toddler starts throwing tantrums you must be aware of his eating cycle and when he might start feeling hungry again.

Sleep is another important issue here. A child needs to have his siesta and many a times temper tantrums emerge when child is devoided of a good sleep. Try to establish a sleeping routine for kid. Parents must also use different distraction method when child starts demanding for unreasonable things. To end with, tantrums are a normal part of growing up phase of the kid and it cannot be completely avoided. But yes, with little bit of effort and attention you can always minimize it.

Child's Speaking Skills

While baby starts growing up, lots of developments start taking place simultaneously. How did you feel when your baby first said Ma or Pa? That must be mighty pleasing to you. We eagerly wait for times when baby starts talking or even muttering innocent words. Parents must focus on how to build speaking skills of the baby. There are several ideas which will help in improving the speaking skills of the baby. The obvious ones are talking to your child, read to him, or even encouraging him to read something aloud to you. Reading children’s book to your child is one of the most basic steps that you should take. Experts recommend this step on a regular basis. In the modern era, most of the parents are working couple and they do not have free time. But parents can always manage some time in a day when they can read as much as they can. Parents should read to the child as often as possible. It is up to the parents how they can make this process interesting. They can read during dinner time or in form of a story. Reading him in night will be really nice.

While reading, follow the words with your fingers and try holding the book in a way that both you and kid can look at it properly. Child will learn to read sooner or later but you should just focus on making this process interesting. The idea is to make him familiar with the magical world of words.

Parents should also encourage kid to read aloud. This will increase his ability to read from the text. Finally, try spending a lot of time talking to your kid. Don’t go by child’s understanding level. He will just pick up the words. Try happy talks and it will have long term nice effects.

Handling Baby Talk Problem

Quite a large number of children face speech children. It implies that even when a kid is growing up he still talks like a baby. Parents often feel stressed about this issue but trust me; this is not an unusual occurrence. Many parents face similar set of problems but with some adequate steps and practice they have managed to solve this problem. Before you begin to take any step remember one thing, you cannot make your child to talk like a big guy overnight. It will take some time and of course, patience.

Have you observed yourself how you talk back to your child when he talks like a baby? If you talk back to him similarly as you used to when he was a baby then you need to stop this habit right away. Because, this way you are encouraging him to continue his baby talk way. You need to check your response and should probably devise a new strategy. You might think of responding to your baby by saying that, “I am not getting what you are saying. You need to convey in big guy words” or something like that. If you keep doing this for few times, child will get the message and may start trying big words after some time.

You can also sit calmly with the kid and tell him that he is now a grown up boy and should start talking like grown up kids do. There could be several such ways to motivate your child and send across your message. After certain duration, child will definitely get what you want to say and will start talking normally. Just be patient and try out ideas and soon results will be there for you to see.

The Learning Baby

Parents often think of new ideas that could come handy for babies to learn in a faster and effective way. The thing to remember here is a baby is learning all the time. In fact, a baby learns much faster than an adult. Using a simple metaphor, a baby’s mind is like a sponge which is always soaking information and knowledge. A baby uses all her five senses, smell, taste, touch, sight and sound. For a baby, everything is new and exciting so she tries to soak up everything. A human being keeps learning all his life but the rate at which baby learns things is truly phenomenal. During his/her initial days after the birth, a baby grows up in everything right from size, width, emotions and intellect.

It is very important for parents to stimulate baby for better and quick learning. Even your innocent loving gestures can do wonder to baby’s learning process. Parents should focus on establishing strong bond with the baby. In the initial stage it can be done by using your facial expressions. Remember, a baby starts identifying you by your face, voice and touch. You can bring your face closer to the baby and act animated. You can smile, talk, read colourful books and even hold one way communication with your baby.

It is imperative for parents not to have any preconceived notions about baby’s learning. A baby keeps learning new things, growing new ideas and skills. It is the job of parents to find out new ideas that will help baby in quick learning. Keep experimenting with new games, new and you will come across several wonderful ideas.

Well Mannered Child

Manners are perhaps one of the most important constituent of a child’s personality. But teaching right set of manners and etiquettes can be a challenging task for parents. Going by the way new generation is emerging; some of the old school manners seem to be vanishing. The rebellious streak has taken a toll on manners. But if you teach your kid manners from a very early age, he will be most likely to have those even in his youth. Manners form a valuable part of social skills and they will serve as a useful help for the rest of the child’s life.

Parents should lead by example. Just conveying message to your kid will not suffice. A child needs to see you practicing what you preach. So if you are teaching your kid about the best method of approaching a stranger or a sales person in a store, you need to show it first by saying it yourself. Children are quick learner and they get the drift while watching from close quarters. Manners are learned naturally and if the kid finds you inconsistent with your behavior he might embarrass you by mentioning it.

If your child is not showing enough mannerism you need to take things in control and tell them properly how best to do what they are doing. Though, peer interaction can also affect how a child behaves. But these things are always easy to correct when kid is younger. As he grows older he will make a habit of undesirable manners and then it becomes tough to handle. So the best time to start teaching manners to child is now only.

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Have a Best Child
You are the blessed ones, the chosen ones by the Mother Nature.The lady luck smiled on you and gave an opportunity to perform a duty, that is reserved lemished. What only for god.

Dear parents, fortunate are parents who perform their duty of making this world elegant and pleasant by guiding their offspring to be better adults.
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